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Fast Graffiti Removal For Business As Usual

Graffiti Removal

Are you feeling deflated because your building has been hit with graffiti? You need Graffiti Removal from the pressure washing professionals in Athens, Xtreme Clean & Green. Call 740-541-2891 to schedule an appointment today!

We Offer Rapid Spray Paint Clean-Up To Get Your Exterior Clean Again

Street art can be a thing of beauty, but when that "art" suddenly appears on your property--without your consent--it's hard to find any beauty in it. It's easy to get angry or feel down when you're the victim of vandalism. Don't let your emotions prevent you from making the best next move--you need help removing spray paint now!

With years of experience under our belt, we can tell you that is important to act quickly if you want graffiti removal done well. The longer the paint has to adhere to your building's surface, the more difficult it will be to make it look like it never was there in the first place.

Spray Paint Cleaning Restores Your Property's Exterior Surfaces

When you call Xtreme Clean & Green for graffiti removal, we carefully and efficiently remove the spray paint with a combination of hard and soft washing techniques. This provides a safe and effective one-two punch that will both restore your property's exterior surface and save it from overkill washing. Most business owners pair graffiti removal with our building washing service to preserve a balanced appearance for the entire building. Otherwise, you'll be left with what looks like merely spot removal.

Frequently Asked Graffiti Removal Questions

We use a combination of high-powered pressure washing and soft washing chemical agent application to remove unwanted spray paint. For the best results, it is important that we can begin graffiti removal as soon as possible to prevent the paint from settling deeply into your exterior surfaces.

This is a bit of a loaded question. Many pressure washers can remove spray paint and graffiti, even when operated by non-professionals. The problem is that when graffiti removal can also mean damage to the surface you're trying to restore. Pressure washing can have negative results if the pressure is too high. We recommend calling a professional company for the best graffiti removal results.

Don't let graffiti keep you down. Get Graffiti Removal in Athens from the professionals at Xtreme Clean & Green.