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Snow Removal For No-Fuss Property Maintenance

Snow Removal

Winter is coming...or maybe (depending on when you've found us)'s already here! You need snow removal help in Athens from Xtreme Clean & Green. Don't let snow flurries get you down--we're here to help.

As the temperatures drop and the clouds roll in, wouldn't it be nice not to worry about bundling up to do battle with the freshly fallen snow? Snow removal from Xtreme Clean & Green will make you feel like a kid watching the weather report and hoping for enough accumulation for a snow day. Make snowfall a joyful experience, not a drudgery. Let us do the hard work of clearing the snow from your driveway and sidewalk.

Snow Plowing Services

Driveways never seem quite big enough when hosting a party or if you have multiple vehicles in your family. But for some strange reason, they seem to grow after a heavy snowfall. Or at least it feels that way when you face it alone, with only a single snow shovel.

Does the thought of bundling up in layers of clothes and pushing row upon row of snow across your driveway and into the yard have you dreading winter? Imagine how great you'll feel watching one of our trucks pull into your driveway with a snowplow on its front. Within minutes, you'll have a clear driveway.

Why exert yourself in the cold, doing intense manual labor for thirty minutes or an hour--when the same task can be done in less time than it takes to cook an egg? Don't waste your time, or worse yet, risk your health shoveling your driveway this winter. Get snow removal from Xtreme Clean & Green.

Sidewalk Clearing Services

Do you have a sidewalk? Does it become a treacherous path of doom after snow flurries? Why not add sidewalk clearing as part of our snow removal service?

Having a clear path to enter and exit your home is important throughout the year. Eliminate the risk of slipping on ice or losing your footing on slippery snow this winter, and leave the snow shovel or snow blower parked in the garage. Xtreme Clean & Green can clear your sidewalk or walkway when you sign up for our snow removal service.

Don't let the first snowstorm of the season sneak up on you without knowing who will take care of your snow removal this season. From pressure washing to gutter guard installation to snow removal, Xtreme Clean & Green is here to serve you.

Call 740-541-2891for a free estimate for snow removal from Xtreme Clean & Green today.